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Chassis Restoration
Typical Chassis Restoration Project

1964 Swedish import beetle, body wise this car was in very good solid original condition, but the complete front section of the drivers' side floor-pan had totally rotted out. The brakes were non existent and there was a huge build up of mud and under-seal around many of the major chassis components, hindering proper inspection and repair. The decision was made to separate the body from the chassis along with upgrading the brakes to a dual circuit system and fitting adjusters to the front axle. The body of the car was left untouched so as not to lose the character and soul of the car. The only work carried out to the engine was a thorough clean and service and the proper function of the heat exchangers checked and adjusted. The 6 volt electrical system has been retained. Some pictures of this product are shown below.

Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 01 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 02
Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 03 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 04
Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 05 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 06
Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 07 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 08
Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 09 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 10
Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 11 Flatlands Chassis Restoration Image 12
Chassis Restoration And Modification
At flatlands engineering we take great pride in the preparation and restoration of what we feel to be the most important part of any good quality standard or modified VW build. The chassis, often overlooked or masked by years of paint or underseal buildup, your chassis is the foundation on which all other aspects of your product are built. Get this part right and the rest will follow.
SV01Thumbnail ImageMedia Blast Chassis, prior to inspection and any subsequent restoration work.£150.00
SV02Thumbnail ImageFloor pan Replacement, supply and fit red heavy duty type floor pan.£275.00 Per Side
SV03Thumbnail ImageSeat Runner Removal, for custom seat runner applications.£35.00 Per Pair
SV04Thumbnail ImagePedal Cluster Mount Plate, supply and fit new pedal cluster mount.£19.50
SV05Thumbnail ImageThrottle Pedal Mount, supply and fit new throttle pedal mount. (Bolt on option available.)£15.00
SV06Thumbnail ImageFrame-Head Replacement, jig mounted to ensure fit to factory spec. Due to the poor quality of replacement after market frame-heads we prefer to use a salvageable original item for this purpose. This service is priced to fit a customer supplied donor frame-head. We often have suitable donor frame-heads in stock, please call for availability and price.£295.00
SV07Thumbnail ImageFrame-Head Replacement, convert 1302/1303 type chassis to beam axle type front suspension. Process same as above.£295.00
SV08Thumbnail ImageFrame-Head Bottom Plate, supply and fit frame head bottom plate.£185.00
SV09Thumbnail ImageSemi-Auto (Stick Shift) Conversion, supply and fit clutch cable conduit to chassis.£105.00
SV10Thumbnail ImageI.R.S. Conversion, supply and jig mount conversion brackets and clearance frame horns for drive flanges.£325.00
SV11Thumbnail ImageSpring Plate Modification. Allows the use of shorter swing axle type torsion bars and covers to be used in conjunction with I.R.S. Rear suspension.£60.00 (Exchange)
SV12Thumbnail ImageChassis Finishing. Chassis prepared and sprayed gloss black. (We are happy to finish your chassis in any type of finish or colour of your choice. Please contact us for a specific quote.)From £350.00
SV13Thumbnail ImageChassis Finishing. Chassis prepared and sprayed gloss black with additional stone chip textured protection to lower and outer surfaces.From £420.00
SV14Thumbnail ImageIntegral Brake Line. Rear brake circuit copper tube routed through chassis spine in protective P.V.C. tubing. Includes lines to master cylinder and rear T Piece fitting.£60.00
SV15Thumbnail ImageCopper Brake Pipe Kit, all copper hard lines apart from front to rear line.£45.00
SV16Thumbnail ImageAlternative stud pattern brake discs or drums, Porsche, Jag or Chevy, US Ford E.T.C.£72.50 Each
SV17Thumbnail ImageIncreased Flow Solid Fuel Line. 8mm copper fuel line routed through chassis spine. (Includes rear frame horn modification.)£95.00
SV18Thumbnail ImageDual Fuel Line. For fuel Injection applications, dual 8mm copper fuel lines supported in hydraulic pipe blocks. Exits On Both Rear Frame Horns.£160.00
SV19Thumbnail ImageAdjustable Front Beam. Supply and fit sway a way type adjusters to suit specific requirements. For example, positioned to best suit dropped spindles or a lightweight vehicle. £140.00
SV20Thumbnail ImageNarrowed Front Beam. To your specification. Customer supplied beam.From £185.00
SV21Thumbnail ImageAdjustable Front Beam (Ball Joint). Brand new genuine front beam fitted with sway a way adjusters to your spec. Converted to right hand drive, using genuine steering stop and damper brackets from donor beam.£295.00
SV22Thumbnail ImageNarrowed Track Rods, to your specification.£50.00 Pair (Exchange)
SV23Thumbnail ImageBall Joint Trailing Arms. Media blasted, inspected and fitted with new best quality ball joints. Standard or long travel.£145.00 Per Set (Exchange)
SV24Thumbnail ImageKing or Link Pin Stub Axle Assembly. Media blasted, Re-bushed and machine reamed. Fitted with new king pins, thrust washers, Link pin bushes and link pins, fully assembled, ready to fit and includes shim washers.£185.00 Pair (Exchange)
SV25Thumbnail ImageExchange Track Rods. Media blasted and inspected , all threads restored. Fitted with new German quality track rod ends. All clamps and lock nuts Re Zinc plated.£85.00 Per Pair (Exchange)
SV26Thumbnail ImageExchange I.R.S. Rear Suspension Arms. Media blasted, inspected, and fitted with new bearings, seals and bushes.£240.00 (Exchange
SV27Thumbnail ImageExchange Steering Coupling. Upper and lower yokes re-zinc plated and fitted with choice of standard genuine or polyurethane flexi coupler.£45.00 (Exchange)
SV28Thumbnail ImageExchange Pedal Assembly. Media Blasted and inspected. Fully rebuilt with new springs, clips and rubbers. Brake plunger rod re-zinc plated. All new mounting bolts included.£140.00 (Exchange)
  All exchange items are supplied in a protective primer finish. We can, however, prepare and spray these parts for a small extra cost. 
  Rolling Chassis: We also offer a full body ready rolling chassis building service to any specification. Please call to discuss your requirements. (More...) 
Chassis Build Parts
CM01Thumbnail ImagePlated High Tensile Steel Front Beam Mount Bolt Kit£12.95
CM02Thumbnail ImageLowered Beam Mount Kit, As Above, But With 2 Longer Bolts and a Pair of Castor Shims£24.00
CM03Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Beam Mount Bolts (Set of 4)£16.00
CM04Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Dome Head Beam Mount Bolts (Set of 4)£22.00
CM05Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Beam Mount Plate, Early or Late Type£5.95 Per Pair
CM06Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Frame Head Cover Plate, Early Type£8.50
CM07Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Frame Head Cover Plate, Late Type£6.50
CM08Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Gearbox Cradle Mount Bolt£36.00 Per Pair
CM09Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Polished Washer for Gearbox Bolts£3.00 Per Pair
CM10Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Custom Gearbox Bolt Cover£22.00 Per Pair
CM11Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Swing Axle Torsion Cover£65.00 Per Pair
CM12Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel IRS Torsion Cover (Includes Spacers for Semi Auto)£75.00 Per Pair
CM13Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Torsion Cover Spacer Kit (A Must When Fitting Adjustable Spring Plates)£26.00
CM14Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Torsion Cover Bolts (As Original 15mm Hex Head, Set of 8)£20.00
CM15Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel IRS Driveshaft Bolt Plates (Set of 6)£16.00
CM16Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel IRS Suspension Arm Pivot Washer (Set of 4)£14.00
CM17Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Custom IRS Pivot Bolt Cover£20.00 Per Pair
CM18Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Style Upper Front Shock Absorber Bolts£10.00 Per Pair
CM19Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Dome Head Early Style Upper Front Shock Absorber Bolts£14.00 Per Pair
CM20Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Front Stub Axle Pinch Bolt Kit (Set of 4)£5.00
CM21Thumbnail ImagePlated High Tensile Steel Front Suspension Arm Pinch Bolt (Set of 4)£10.00
CM22Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Front Suspension Arm Pinch Bolt Lock Nuts (Set of 4)£6.50
CM23Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Front Suspension Arm Pinch Bolt Washers (Set of 4)£2.00
CM24Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Front Suspension Arm Pinch Bolt Dome Lock Nut Kit (Set of 4)£14.00
CM25Thumbnail ImagePlated High Tensile Steel Steering Pitman Arm Clamp Bolt (With Correct Ratio Plain Shank)£3.75 Each
CM26Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Track Rod Taper Nut and Lock Nut Kit (Left or Right Hand Thread)£6.00
CM27Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Metric Fine Thread Track Rod End/Ball Joint Nyloc Nut and Washer (Set of 4)£2.50
CM28Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Ball Joint Camber Adjuster Plates£6.00 Per Pair
CM29Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Metric Fine Thread Track Rod End Nyloc Nut And Washer Set£8.00 A Set
CM30Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Master Cylinder Mount Kit£5.00
CM31Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Flexi Hose Clip£2.50 Each
CM32Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Flexi Hose Mount Bracket£14.00 Per Pair
CM33Thumbnail ImageDisc Caliper Mount Kit (Correct Ratio Plain Shank, High Tensile Steel) Includes Stainless Lock Tabs£14.00
CM34Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Body to Chassis Mount Plate (Excellent reproduction of original part, same thickness material)£2.50 Each
CM35Thumbnail ImageHandbrake Lever Pivot Shaft Kit£10.00
CM36Thumbnail ImageHandbrake Cable Balancing Plate£12.50
CM37Thumbnail ImageFull Stainless Steel Body Mounting Kit£72.50
CM38Thumbnail ImageFuel Tank Retaining Plate (Set of 4)£16.00
CM39Thumbnail ImagePlated High Tensile Steel Throttle Pedal Mount£7.50
CM40Thumbnail ImageStainless Sway Away Adjuster Full Nuts£1.00 Each
CM41Thumbnail ImageStainless Sway Away Adjuster Half Nuts£0.75 Each
CM42Thumbnail ImageStainless Sway Away Adjuster Dome Nuts£2.00 Each
Pedal Restoration Parts
PL01Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Right Hand Drive Oval Pedal Stop Plate£7.50 Each
PL02Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Left Hand Drive Oval Pedal Stop Plate£5.50 Each
PL03Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Pedal Stop Plate£8.50
PL04Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Late Pedal Stop Plate£5.75
PL05Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Left Hand Drive Oval Pedal Shaft Mount Bracket£5.75
PL06Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Pedal Shaft Mount Bracket£7.50
PL07Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Late Pedal Shaft Mount Bracket£17.50
PL08Thumbnail ImageEarly Style Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit. Replaces The Unobtainable Early Style Spring. Kit Consists of Modified Pivot Pin, Retaining Clip and Return Spring.£18.50
PL09Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Left Hand Drive Brake Plunger Retaining Pin£5.00
PL10Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Right Hand Drive Brake Plunger Retaining Pin£6.00
PL11Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Brake Plunger Pin Retaining Plate£1.75
Lock Tabs
LT01Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Disc Caliper Lock Tab£1.75
LT02Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Track Rod Nut Lock Tab£1.25
LT03Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Early Beam Mount Lock Tab£1.75
LT04Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Steering Damper Lock Tab£1.75
LT05Thumbnail ImageStainless Steel Steering Box Clamp Lock Tabs£1.25
Ordering Information
Please contact us to place an order. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Switch, etc. All prices shown include VAT where applicable.

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